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About us

wServeIT is formed to provide IT services and trading in US and globally. It provides support services, call center services, application development, infrastructure deployment, application deployment, call center platform deployment, and equipment sales. We have over 60 years of combined experience.

IT support services

We provide IT support services for small, medium, and large organizations. The support services are for end user devices, networks, and data center infrastructure. We also work with various cloud service providers and give support on cloud services.

Application development

We have capability and experience in developing applications that run on cloud and on premise. We can build applications that can enhance customer services and boost productivity.

Infrastructure and application development

We have capability to design and deliver infrastructure and applications. We can design and deliver Network and Datacenter infrastructure. We also have partnership with major system providers to design and implement applications that cater your specific need.

Call center platform deployment

We can deploy call center/contact center platform that runs on premise as well as on cloud. We can deploy omni channel call center solutions

IT equipment sales

We can delivery IT equipment for data centers and end users. Some of the items we sell are desktop computers, laptops, tablets, servers, network devices, and storage systems.

wServeIT’s customers are government and non-government organizations that seek IT services and equipment purchases.

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